MedXperience is the international event organized to promote the Paris Region’s ambition to be the global capital for therapeutic innovation and healthcare companies.

The event is being jointly organised by Medicen Paris RegionParis Region and Sanofi with a support committee to bring together leading scientists, medical professionals, investors and forefront business leaders. MedXperience will be the opportunity for all of tomorrow’s committed healthcare representatives to demonstrate their interest in current and upcoming issues. It will be a time to reflect on possible solutions, face new challenges and accelerate their deployment together.


For two days, European and international participants will discuss their practices, achievements and predictions for innovative technology in the healthcare and new therapy industry. The event will be organised around 4 main topics «Diagnosis», «Imaging», «Advanced Therapies», «eHealth», and two cross-discipline topics «Talent» and «Europe», and will review the healthcare industry’s current technological progress and the piloting effect of international competition in the Paris Region.

This event will allow us to test this unique ecosystem and stimulate innovation for global projects. MedXperience is an opportunity to meet, discuss and finalise innovative, collaborative and international projects at the service of patients and will also be a time to establish international consortiums to develop new products and services for patients.

For attendees and sponsors

MedXperience is a rare opportunity for all future players to showcase their interest for current and upcoming issues. The organisation lets everyone decide how they wish to contribute to the event.

Our partner Hopscotch Congress is at your disposal to review your participation down to the finest detail and give you any additional information you may need.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to welcome you to the first edition of MedXperience.