Medicen Paris Region is a business cluster for innovative health technologies, with a national and international scope that includes over 300 companies, research centers, universities, hospitals and local authorities as members. It focuses on 5 strategic areas: biological diagnostics, diagnostic and interventional imaging, regenerative medicine and biomaterials, digital health and translational medicine. In close collaboration with local, regional and national healthcare innovation players, Medicen aims to:
Foster the emergence of certified collaborative projects in the healthcare sector in order to create economic value and jobs.

Increase the international development of innovative startups and SMEs
Strengthen the appeal of the Paris Region, which represents more than 50% of lifesciences activity in France.

Since the creation of the cluster in 2005, 62 innovative products have been launched in the imaging, medical devices and biological sectors and 303 projects certified. Total investment to date is close to €1.3 billion, including €533 million of public aid.


Sanofi is a global lifesciences company committed to improving patient access to healthcare. We support all the people we serve throughout the continuum of their care. From prevention to treatment, we transform scientific innovation into healthcare solutions.
Sanofi is focused on several therapeutic areas: human vaccines, rare diseases, multiple sclerosis, oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular and consumer healthcare.

Sanofi delivers healthcare solutions in more than 170 countries thanks to over 100,000 people based around the world. France is the leading country for Sanofi’s operations, with 35 sites spread across the territory and 25,400 women and men dedicated to improving everyone’s health, every day.
More than 40% of our French employees are located in the Paris Region, representing 11,000 people who work in 10 sites: 2 for Research & Development, 2 Factories, 2 Logistics centers and 4 Tertiary sites.

Sanofi has developed a number of general interest initiatives in the region, related to local priorities and to the benefit of different stakeholders. We also have several high level partnerships with academic or scientific institutions in order to make the most of local excellence, providing more innovation to patients and generating new healthcare solutions. 


Paris Region: The #1 region in the health and lifesciences industry in Europe.

Standing at the crossroads of European and worldwide trade, Paris Region is the leading economic region in Europe. Its economy bears all the hallmarks of an efficient metropolitan economy, namely size, real estate offering, worldclass infrastructure, a cosmopolitan and qualified workforce and a wealth of cultural amenities.

With the highest GDP in the European Union (€28 billion) and its wide range of business sectors, the Paris Region offers a wealth of opportunities.
Internationally renowned for excellence in education, science and technology, Paris Region is the #1 innovation hub in Europe in terms of R&D; expenditure (over €20 billion), serviced by 160,000 workers and researchers. With more than 5,000 incubated or accelerated start-ups, Paris Region now ranks as Europe’s leader in the sheer number of fund-raising deals.

More than 1,000 companies in the Paris Region work in lifescience sector, with 300 in the pharmaceutical industry, 200 in biotechnology and 360 in medical technologies. The region also hosts the largest hospital network in Europe with 39 hospitals, 10 million patients, 335,000 surgical procedures, more than 3100 research projects and 9,600 scientific publications.