Have you ever spent your life working towards something only to find it isn’t exactly what you want to do? That happened to me. My name is Zoe Byers, and while I work in the pharmaceutical industry, I would prefer to find a more direct way to help people. That’s in part why I started this blog, as a way to put myself in that path. While there is more to be done, this is still a good start.

Health comes in many forms. Medication is but one part that can help people, but everyone has a different experience with it. Even if it is slight. It is, therefore, important to help people understand this, and to share the experiences we all have with it. Hence why I named the website as it is, albeit with a typo. But we all make mistakes.

My hope is to keep writing a few times a month, to test my skills as I feel out this new path in life. I have spent all of my time before focused on a scientific career, only to find it wasn’t for me. It is a complicated feeling to go through and process, and perhaps in part this blog is a cathartic outlet for the unease this gives me. We all go through these things in life, though, and we need to help rebuild ourselves.

Outside of work and writing, though, I have other hobbies. I love baking, especially bread. I have a sourdough starter that I’ve been nurturing for a year now, and it makes delicious loaves. I enjoy hiking and nature weekends. I have plans in the future to build a van home, and travel around the US for a year. The future is exciting and I am looking forward to it, despite everything.