If you are looking for the cheapest country to have veneers or a very wallet-friendly option, then you could look far and wide if you did not consider Turkey as the destination. Thankfully, we have done the homework for you. Happiness is about having the perfect smile and not worrying about how we are going to fund it.

Let us then consider just what dental veneers are all about and how they can be our friends.



Why not make Turkey a holiday destination and combine that with some cosmetic dental treatment? The procedure to fit veneers will not ruin any holiday because it is relatively pain-free. You will be pleased with the result that you will take home. It may cause a few jaws to drop in surprise and you will be the one left smiling.

One of the reasons why Turkey offers such cheap dental treatment compared to other parts of the world is because of their weaker currency. The lira is weak compared to the euro, pound, and dollar. This makes the price affordable and worth making your way to Turkey when it comes to seeking out cosmetic dental treatments. It means that you are not achieving a cheaper price because of any loss in quality, but because of the country’s economic circumstances that you can exploit as someone from another part of the world who is wanting cosmetic dental treatment and a full set of veneers.


Types of Veneers Available in Turkey

We talk about different types of veneers, but which ones are available to have in Turkey. Well, you can opt for composite veneers, porcelain veneers, or E-Max Veneer, with the provider of dental services we looked at. It will cost more in the order of this list, but in every case is significantly cheaper than in other parts of the world.

If you are looking for a top-quality brand, then E-Max is it. Their veneers are known for quality and durability because of the strength their materials possess. This will be appreciated by the patients who have them fitted and want them to last for a while.

For more information, follow the top link to explore some viable options and pricing.


Celebrity Dental Treatments

If you desire to follow in the footsteps of the celebrities, and many do, then you will be interested to know just what dental treatments various celebrities have had.

Kim Kardashian, for instance, has had professional teeth whitening and had veneers to straighten her smile. Apart from veneers, Kim also has a permanent retainer that is fitted to her teeth.

At around the age of 18, Kylie Jenner got herself a full set of porcelain veneers.


What Do Veneers Help With?

Veneers will cover our natural teeth and provide them with shape and give the appearance of whitening them. They will look polished, just like the performances the celebrities will want to give.

Veneers are cosmetic predominantly but do also add a level of protection to the teeth they are fixed to using dental cement. To fit porcelain veneers, it is necessary to shave some of the enamel away to achieve the perfect fit, but then once you have them you will not look back until they require some maintenance, which a dentist skilled in cosmetic surgery will always take care of. Veneers have longevity and provide an immediate solution to tooth whitening, compared to bleaching, which is a continued and time-consuming treatment.

Any perfections showing with a tooth can be covered up with a dental veneer. Then for as many teeth as your desire. You can gain yourself a magazine-like look by visiting a dental surgery in Turkey and having a full set of porcelain veneers.


Our jaw will drop when we see just how affordable veneers can be, and then the same for our best friend when we return home from Turkey and open wide, as the expression goes. It will then become obvious what our mysterious trip to Turkey was all about.

We can, of course, mask the mystery by making it a holiday nobody will have a clue is to be anything but a holiday. Who would then suspect we were getting on that plane with the sole intention of having our veneers done as opposed to spending all our time on the beach? While we are having our dental treatment, the rest of our family can relax on the beach. We can join them in-between. There is nothing to recover from when we are having veneers. We can relax and not worry about the treatment or its cost quite as much as if it had been a local treatment.

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